Surge Workout Fuel for Fat Loss?

How about it?

I’m doing Precision Nutrition, bulking all starchy carbs immediately after workout. I’ve seen some pretty fast fat loss doing both HIIT routines of 5-10 cycles 20/60 (90%/20%) followed by weightlifting using Push/Pull days. So a typical workout is 10 cycles 20/60sec HIIT, cooldown, then Push day or pull day. This makes for a rather intense training session. Push/Pull allows me to work out six days a week (I’m still doing HIIT on days off, usually).

I drink a peri-post workout drink that is 75% Waxy Maize, 10% instantized BCAAs, and 10% hydrolized Caseinate, and 5% L-Leucine. I start drinking it immediately after HIIT and all the while I’m lifting. Usually there’s 30
50% of it left when I’m done, which I swig down as PWO.

15 minutes after working out and finishing the PWO, I drink a custom protein that’s 50% Micellar Casein, 20% Egg White, 30% Ion-Exchange Whey. Note that my next batch of this mix will be: 50% Micellar Casein, 10% L-Leucine, 10% Egg White, 30% ion-exchange whey with Aminogen added to the mix.

Would switching out my custom PWO with Surge Workout Fuel have any affect? Will it be too many carbs for weightloss? Should I still drink my PWO AFTER the Surge Workout Fuel?

Thanks in advance.

How come you’re doing HIIT before weights? Surge Workout Fuel is only 20g carbs though so I wouldn’t worry. You’ll be burning it up as energy during your workout anyway (hopefully).

HIIT first because I can’t muster any sort of intensity with HIIT after doing heavy squats or RDLs.

Surge Workout Fuel only has 20 carbs? I’ll have to look into it…

Wow. I could never lift after HIIT, I’d be too exhausted, although the Surge Workout Fuel would probably help with that.

The lemonade flavor has 21g carbs, 13g sugar.