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Surge Workout Fuel Experiences?


Well I got my order in (Lemonade) and I'm trying the marriage version of the Para Nutrition described by CT and this is my first time.. Well has anyone else felt kinda light headed (High) feeling? Or is this just because this is the first time taking Beta Alanine?

I'm kinda torn if I like it or not (this feeling) just wondering if it's because it is new to me or if even else has felt this before..

I appreciate it, thank you

About to start the 5/3/1 workout and see what it does for me


I haven't experienced that until about mid-way through my workout. Does this happen before you start your workout?


Before I started my workout. I took two scoops, and half way through the drink I just got kinda light headed. This was my first time doing SWF and doing the : 2 scoops SWF, 1 Surge R. 10mins before and Surge during:

Just to be clear that I'm not trying to complain about this, just didn't know if I needed to expect it everytime, kinda caught me off guard


Only times I've gotten lightheaded was during extreme exertion. I workout in my barn w/o air conditioning though, so it is understandable when it happens. I've never had it happen in cooler temps or during periods of little or no exertion.

I even use Surge when I mow my lawn in my 50 pound v-vest (Ruck Mowing pat pending) and have had nothing but positive effects from its use.


Anyway, i have never had that problem unless I did a starved workout, which probably had nothing to do with the Surge Workout Fuel. Unless it starts to bother you during your workout, I'd continue using it. Your body may need to get used to it. Maybe start with 1 scoop Surge Workout Fuel; 1 Surge Recovery pre-workout. I've always ramped up my usages of every supplement I take. Might help IMO.


Probably the beta-alanine.


you mow your lawn with a ruck on? that's fucking awesome dude! do you wear EOD shorts and combat boots w/no shirt too? that would be even cooler. I should try that this week...


not to derail too much, but ruck mowing? awesome. there must be precious little fat left on your body after doing that a few times, especially on a bigass farm. I'd like to add I've experienced a little bit of "highness" from beta alanine, more descriptively, it's weirdly like a runner's high, of which I've experienced just a little bit.


I used to use a ruck, that's where I coined the term "Ruck Mowing" and joked I was going to patent it. Lately, I use my weight vest instead with 50 pounds of weight. It's a good steady cardio exercise really. Yes to the boots, no to the EOD/UDT shorts. I stay pretty well covered to avoid too much sun exposure.


Something else actually occurred to me; as Surge spikes insulin levels, you could simply be experiencing hypoglycemia as a result of the sugars in Surge...


How exactly do you guys feel after taking the fuel?

I'm wondering whether it would be similar among everyone. And I also don't know what I'm supposed to be looking for, I don't get much of a kick... or much of anything. Granted I am half asleep until the second I enter the gym.