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Surge Workout Fuel During Rugby?


Would Surge Workout Fuel be something to drink pre-rugby game, during breaks (i.e. at stoppages or half-time), and post game? Or is it really a training tool and not ideal for the game?


It would be great before/during/after

You may find less expensive alternatives though




I think a serving before rugby and 1/2 serving to a serving during would be good. That would only cost 3-4 dollars. You would have much more endurance and you'd probably fun faster than if you ate other carbs.


Beer. It's rugby for fuck's sake!


I'd think so.

I eat FINiBARs before/during bike rides and playing hockey, but I've been thinking about filling my water bottles with Surge Workout Fuel.


Personally I'd prolly have gatorade. Costs much less and is almost as beneficial in your situation. You just need proper energy >>> carbs, electrolytes, etc.


Sure, you could, but I've always found the carbohydrates in FINiBARs and Surge Workout Fuel* to be superior for athletic endeavors.

It's up to the OP to balance out on-the-field results with what it costs to fuel them. If you're ultra-competitive and take your rugby seriously, then opt for Surge Workout Fuel. If you're a weekender, then maybe Gatorade will suffice. But then again, you may want to be the ultimate weekender.

*My experience with Surge Workout Fuel was limited to pre-workout in the past, but FINiBARs have proven to be wonderful.


Well put.


Dre has a point, intra-post workout at it's best. Another suitable option is scotch. As far as performance enhancement goes you can't go wrong. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, he endorsed Jim Beam as a high amino supplement.

But in all honesty, i found beta alanine and creatine supplements in general to be phenomenal for rugby, teammate of mine swears by Purple K Before games.


I love Workout Fuel for Rugby. I think it really helps me with energy during games, and I feel dramatically less sore / tired after. I also take it before practice, might be a little overkill there but I find it hard not to lose weight doing any sort of running and WO Fuel completely fixes that for me.