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Surge Workout Fuel Def Works!

Ok so I just ran out and had to do yesterdays leg day w/out my Surge Workout Fuel and omg was it weird. I couldn’t remember being so over heated and run down. So sore and stiff today! And I couldn’t work my usual loads! I wasn’t in the zone at all. Surge Workout Fuel gives me a physiological orgasm and turns all the right processes on. But i ventured without it and lost what I’ve gained. Scary shit! Luckily my new ordered arrived today in time for tomorrows W/O :slight_smile:

How’s it taste?

I have been using the Fruit Punch flavor for about 2 weeks now and it tastes like fruit punch cool aid without the same amount of sweetness. Two scoops in 20z of water tastes sweet enough, not watered down, and more than bearable (even enjoyable to a degree).

It does taste artificial though, but I expected that.

Last night I decided to do a heavy high rep endurance workout followed by a cardio session to test Surge Workout Fuel. I started with ass to grass high rep squats, followed by low incline dumbbell bench press, then standing ez bar curl, four sets of each.

This was followed by two, two minute jump rope sessions two minutes rest between them. Went 225,275,315,315 on the squats for 10-10-8-5. 100 Dumbbells for press, 14-14-8-6. 135 EZ bar for 6-6-5-4.

And two minutes of rest between the two jump rope cycles and then some heavy bag work. I made it through feeling fairly strong and ‘fueled’. And, Fruit Punch tastes pretty good although I’d use it even if I didn’t like the taste for the endurance it gave me.


[quote]Beershoes wrote:
How’s it taste?[/quote]

Both flavors are great! Even with a scoop of each; now that’s also a tasty concoction

love that shit! i could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner

maybe the reason you didn’t perform aswell was psychological. i.e. you knew you weren’t using surge workout fuel so you didn’t push yourself as hard, and therefore didn’t perform aswell, just a suggestion. Anyways what do i know, i haven’t used it yet.

I think it tastes bad like most BCAA drinks, but it does work pretty damn well.