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Surge Workout Fuel and Surge Recovery


Before I get yelled at for not using the search bar and doing my own research on this topic…I did do some searching but noticed many of the posts are years old. I was curious if anybody here is still using these as stand alone products. I read about the Surge Recovery being used as a peri/pre workout drink…

I’m wondering if going with a Surge Workout Fuel as a peri workout nutrition followed by Mag-10 would be a better way to go rather than Surge Workout Fuel peri then Surge Recovery… I feel like on a budget I could stretch the servings longer than just buying Plazma.


Damn… I am going to eat my own words…again!

How did I not see this? https://biotest-forums.t-nation.com/t/plazma-vs-mag-10-vs-surge/7191

There must be like two different forums…