Surge Workout Fuel and a Stimulant?

Just bought Surge Workout Fuel and noticed it doesnt really have any stimulus (ie caffiene or nitric oxide)

If you guys were going stack it what would you use



a diet coke?

seriously why do you need to ‘stack it’ with something, it’s good on it’s own.

You shouldn’t really feel any stimulation like you do from Caffeine, Ephedrine, or other stimulants because Surge Workout Fuel isn’t one. It should give you a sustained energy, but more importantly should be felt in the muscles. It should give your muscles the ability to resist fatigue better and go harder for longer essentially.

I have stacked it before with Spike, Sugar Free Red Bull, and Caffeine. All are good options and certainly give an added stimulant effect to compliment the boost from Surge Workout Fuel.

yeah i havnt used Surge yet so dont know how it feels. Hopefully i like it as much as ppl say they do