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Surge Workout Fuel: 1 Scoop or 2?

so i just got this in today. very excited to try it out. my question is, at 5’9" 175-180 lbs, should i really be looking to take 2 scoops of this stuff for a workout? i was hoping to get away with just one serving per workout…is there that big of a difference in taking 2 scoops? if so, what will i notice by taking 2 instead of 1? will the effects not be as noticeable with just one?

2 or more…its 1 scoop per half hour of training…so me its always 2 minimum…one you wont feel the full potential of the product

I always use 2, mainly due to the fact that I start drinking it on my way to the gym, drink while i lift, then I go to teach my martial arts class, then after class i do some cardio. This is what works best for me.

Try it both ways, one scoop one day, then try two scoops the next. See what works best. I think in the end you will use 2 scoops for your workouts.

I use just one. But I start drinking about 15 minutes before training and it lasts about half way through the workout. Then I switch to Surge Recovery, 2 scoops, and that gets me through the last half of the workout and a little after.

well i used 2 scoops and am hooked. did a very grueling giant set workout as always, but could not get myself to feel any lactic acid whatsoever. definitely a big difference, and when i used it along with Surge Recovery right after, it felt like i hadn’t lifted an ounce. hope the price of this stuff stays down like it is right now, as i’d like to continue buying this.

Glad you like it!!! I can t train without it anymore…amazing workout supplement

I wonder if theres a “drop off” effect after a certain number of times using it.

I just tried it for the first time today, with one scoop…felt good…but am definitely gonna go with two next time…anyone here doin CT’c protocol with workout fuel 45 min prior then Surge recovery 15 min before workout?..

[quote]Mr.Martian wrote:
I wonder if theres a “drop off” effect after a certain number of times using it.[/quote]

I have been using it since it came out, I haven’t notice any kind of drop off. I do know that when I don’t use it, my workouts tend to feel flat, almost feel I can’t push myself harder.

I take Surge Workout Fuel 1 scp 30-45min prior to with caffeine/beta alanine/creatine
I sip glutamine/BCAA/Creatine during the workout
I take 2scp Surge Recovery/5g Leucine/10g Glut/5g Creatine after the workout

When I upped the dosage of Surge Recovery to 1 scp 30min before and then added an extra scoop to sip DURING the workout, I got tired and dragged, I personally think from too much of an insulin spike, so I dropped it and just take the one scoop.

I think if you can time your meals properly you don’t need to take 2 scoops of it.
T-90 eat a meal with adequate carbs
T-30 SWF and caffeine
t-00 start workout, sip glutamine/beta alanine/bcaa
t+60 2x Surge Recovery, so technically this is 2.5 hours after a meal
T+120 eat a regular meal and go back to eating every 3 hours

Does anybody just use Surge Recovery during the workout instead of waiting until the workout is over?