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Surge with Nitromine

Has anyone tried the following stack:

  1. 50G Glutacene (BCAA’s/Glutamine) Before and during workout
  2. 30 Nitromine tabs (free form Aminos) immediately postworkout
  3. 4 scoops of Surge 30 minutes later

I am looking to add 8 pds lbm over the next 12 weeks.

I’ve never personally heard of Nitromine so I’m not sure how many grams of aminos you’ll be ingesting. However, if taking fours scoops of surge a day I’d trade in the (BCAA/Glutamine) for more $. That way you can just take 2 sc. of surge pre- as well as immediatley post-workout. The amino’s I’d suggest scrapping as well, when they’re more than likely tablets of whey protien concentrate; get a good protien powder instead (chocolate grow’s a favorite in my neck of the woods).
By the way I gained 5 pounds in the first month of adding 1 serving of surge to my regimine, so the weight goal should not be an issue.