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Surge With Gatorade Or Juice


Hey Guys, Got my first shipment of Grow! and Surge..so pretty excited. Anyway, I was wondering if you could mix Surge with gatorade or some kind of fruit juice? Ive read that creatine with fruit juice could speed up absorbtion. Wondering if this would be good with Surge, or would it slow it down? Thanks


Well Surge is't a creatine mix, and already has glucose, so you don't need to put more sugar in it. Just mix with water as directed.


I wouldn't add gatorade or fruit juice to Surge. It is already VERY "speedy." Surge will speed up the absorption of creatine more than enuf.



I add plain creatine monohydrate (none of the sugary stuff) to mine sometimes. Keep in mind Surge is the result of John Berardi's doctoral research, so he probably looked at something like gatorade or juice and rejected the idea.


Hey Guys Thanks for your responses. But I just wanted to know if Mixing Surge with gatorade, or a sports drink, would have any effect on Surge. Would it lower its effectiviness? Thanks for your time


Didn't I read somewhere that JB mixes his with Gatorade?


The sugars in sports drinks don't have as much of an insulin spiking effect as the Glucose and Maltodextrin that's in Surge, so I would say that adding the drinks would negativley affect the Surge.