Surge: What's Your Favorite Flavor?

What’s everyone’s favorite flavor of Surge? I tried the original flavor and it was the worst thing ever! What flavor should I order next?

I’m also looking to get some Metabolic Drive so if you have some suggestions on that, I’d appreciate it!


1st off give it a shot! Make sure you’re using cold water, preferably with ice and you may have to use a decent amount of water to dilute the flavor. Anyway by the end of my 1st tub of Surge I was actually hooked on the flavor.

Anyway my favorite Surge flavors are Original, Chocolate and Root Beer. Raspberry wore out fast for me and Vanilla is pretty bad.


This question has been asked at least once over the past week, so try searching for everyone’s feedback in the existing thread.

USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION! There should be about 4 or 5 of these threads floating around.