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Surge w/ Coffee


I just got my shipment of Surge yesterday (first time trying it) and there is just something in the flavor I don't like. Anyhow, after coming back from the gym today I tried a little experiment. I added about 1/2 tsp of instant coffee to the mix and it was incredible. Would there be any problem in continuing this?


Sounds Damn weird but I dont see a problem.


Yes. It's counter-intuitive. The premise behind Surge is to take fast digesting CHO's and fast digesting protein when your body is most insulin sensitive (increased GLUT-4). Also taking in CHO's at this period will enhance your insulin sensitivity for the rest of the day.
Caffeine suppresses insulin sensitivity.
Catch my drift?


what if I used the decaf version? no taste difference as far as I can tell, and no caffeine to mess with insulin sensitivity.


Are you seriously listening to Powda? Mienkia, John, at least ask Berardi or Lowery or one of them fancy sciency types.


Decaf would be fine.


I am really really getting tired of these unjustified flames. What do YOU know on the subject?


The caffiene content in a single cup of coffee isn't enough to likely cause a difference.


Then stop being a flamer.


Your posts are unjustified and add no new knowledge to the subject nor do they offer any constructive analysis. Therefore you are the one making the incendiary remarks and should therefore have your ass flamed in a steaming cauldron of Udo's Choice as I sit by and laugh at your irreverent mockeries.


Why is everyone being so mean to you? We just keep picking on you. It's not fair.


Go with the decaf.


I just went through and re-read the first half of the Caffeine round-table:

Here's what I have to say after re-reading it.
Taking the amount of caffeine that is probably present in your coffee granules (125-175/mg is generally in 8oz of coffee) probably will not SIGNIFICANTLY effect the insulin/glucose response to the Surge. Also exercise blunts insulin response as it is. A lot of the glucose disposal is moderated by increased expresssion of GLUT-4 proteins on the cell-surface.

So the take home message: Caffeine will probably effect the response in some negative way; but probably not enough for you to notice a difference. That's also making the assumption that having CHO's and Protein taken into your muscle cell as fast as possible is the most optimal way to do it. That's the big thing; if you're going to spend over $2/workout on your post-workout beverage don't you want as high of a benefit/cost ratio as possible? Why risk negating it?


How amazing! I justify my "flaming" post by doing some resarch on it and revising it and yet am not greeted with a single reply. Honestly this is a perfect example of why I'm just viewed as some goof with a dog that lacks sufficient grey matter.

And while I like the image of being a goof I do not like being greeted with instant skepticism and the perceived notion that I am talking out of my ass b/c nothing could be further from the truth. If I am unsure about something I will say so and admit my faults or lack thereof.


Here's the deal...we flame you because you make comments like this:

"Therefore you are the one making the incendiary remarks and should therefore have your ass flamed in a steaming cauldron of Udo's Choice as I sit by and laugh at your irreverent mockeries."

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You come off as another know-it-all personal trainer/exercise-science major who has read just enough to be dangerous.


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