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Surge vs Whole Food PWO

 Hey all :)

I just have a question.

Lately I have been reading a lot on how cells relocate after weight training to uptake protein to begin protein synthesis without the help of carbs PWO. Various articles say it is not necessary to spike insulin PWO because in fact glycogen levels are not depleted if you were “normal” it states and have eaten food before (i.e, a proper Pre workout shake/meal)

So, I have been using Surge religiously for the past 3-4 months but after reading this, have been trying Whey, milk and oatbran PWO.

Sometimes when taking Surge I would literally pass out asleep after taking it. If I didn’t pass out, I am extremely cranky, irritable and am IN NEED of food within the hour or CANNOT function (probably due to the insulin crash)

What are thoughts on this? Am I insulin sensitive and therefor have a whole food PWO meal?

Dude, drink your Surge, then eat something within 30 minutes. Is it that hard to figure out? If you NEED food you EAT food. And in your case, the more food the better. You are not insulin sensitive, you have head issues when it comes to eating.

And if you feel that you have discovered something better to Surge, send me your extra, because those of us who can’t afford it don’t have the luxury of asking if milk and bran is better PWO.