Surge vs. New Plazma

I’ve started following T Nation/Biotest again and have bought some supplements. I see Plazma is coming back. I started back with Surge about two months ago and also using Micro-PA. Plazma and Surge seem to have some similar benefits and I’m unsure of which one to consider now that Plazma is coming back. I am semi-price conscientious, so buying both is not a likely scenario for me. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

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I’m really interested in getting an answer to this question as I’m trying to optimize my supplementation right now. Best.

@Chris_Shugart Would you be able to add any feedback?

How has the Surge Workout Fuel been working for you? Have you previously used Plazma?

I used and loved Plazma for years, but I gave Surge Workout Fuel a shot when it was released. I’m a big, big fan. You can read some of my initial thoughts and early experiences here.

In terms of the formulas and goals, Plazma and Surge Workout Fuel are similar, but the biggest difference is in the protein profile. Plazma uses casein hydrolysate while Surge Workout Fuel has the amino acid L-Leucine.

My training, recovery, and progress since switching to Surge Workout Fuel has been amazing.

Don’t get me wrong; Plazma is fantastic. I would just stick with Surge Workout Fuel, especially to maximize your supplement budget.


Hey I really appreciate the feedback and linking back to your other post.