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Surge vs Homemade PW Drinks

For those of you who have used both Surge and their own homemade PW drinks based on the John Berardi aticles, how do the results compare? I know Surge tastes 100% better, but has anyone noticed better recovery or more muscle gain from the Surge compared to the homebrewed drinks? I haven’t tried Surge yet because I still have quite a bit of my own version to finish up (choke down) first.

I haven’t tried Surge yet, but I’m getting great resutls from my homebrew (hydrolyzed whey, maltodextrin, and dextrose). I’ve noticed better recovery, lean weight gain, and no signs of overtraining.

Ditto Nick’s results. My PW is 30g Malto, 40g Dex, 10g BCAA’s, 30g Whey hydrolysate and 5g creatine powder. Tastes like something the dog left, but I can tell a big difference in recovery!

I’ve only been using Surge for about 2 weeks(7 workouts) but I have noticed some improvements in recovery. This stuff tastes awesome. I definitley look forward to taking it after my workouts. It’s still kind of early but I definitley think it will have some long term benefits.

I have been using surge and don’t seem to be as sore the next day . Pricey for us Canucks though .I alternate with bcaa’s , dextrose and quick digesting whey . Probably not as good as surge but similar bcaa profile . Works out to 1/3 cost at lifeandsport vs surge at the same place . Will try to take note of how I feel on one verses the other .

I’ve tried Surge once now. It did not fire me up like it did Tim, but it did provide excellent recovery. So it works–maybe not a “surge”, but certainly an effective and thorough recovery. Remember when Tim challenged us all to make our own versions, and he even listed the ingredients but wouldn’t reveal the exact amouts of each amino acid? Well, the exact amounts are listed right on the label! Is there more to the Surge secret?