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Surge VS Grow

If you had a limited budget and had the choice of…

a) Surge PW with whole foods making up rest of the diet


b) Cheap Malto/Dext/Whey blend PW with a choice of whole foods and Grow a couple of times a day making up rest of the diet

…what would be preferable?



Surge all the way baby! I am a believer that getting your protein from real food sources is always superior except when you need a fast acting/quick digesting protein like the one in your PWO.

Depends how readily availabe whole food was to me throughout the day. With Bartending i cant sit down for food so Grow would be better, if i was solely at a desk then i’d go for the surge and a chiller under my desk :wink:

Cheap malto/glucose/whey PWO drink and whole foods for the rest of the meals. Surge and Grow are great products, but if price is an issue, don’t buy either. I’ve tried it both ways and in my opinion the marginal benefit of consuming Surge over a cheap PWO drink is very small. The only benefit of Grow over whole food proteins is convenience.

If you’re not getting enough daily protein, go for the Grow. Look at the big picture and ask yourself if you’re getting enough protein. Better to take care of that first in my opinion.

I agree with Whetu.

I’d go for Surge as immediately post-workout is probably the only time that supplements can be superior to whole food. However, if whole foods arent readily available to you during the day then a protein powder such as Grow might be better.

Surge and real food the rest of the day. This would be optimal even if you had the cash for the grow also. Not much can beat quality real food. The shakes are for when you simply need something quick and cant get quality non processed food.


go for surge and use a cheaper whey mix for fast protein needs when whole foods arent available.

i would go with the grow. it is tough to mimic the formula of surge but it is doable. it’s just that surge taste so good. if it did not then i would be using my own formula. Now the grow formula could also be copied but once again the taste is not the same. The reason i pick grow is because you’ll be needing the protein throughout the day and it’s somewhat difficult with a busy schedule to get proper nutrition and protein. laters pk

After reading your replies and searching through old threads in the forum I’m convinced that Surge is the way to go, especially as I get quite sore when I train.

I don’t eat meat so getting cheap quality protein sources is a little more tricky for me, my daily protein staples are going to be:

Tuna, Oily Fish, Eggs, Cottage Cheese

To bump up the protein a little more I have found some quality but cheap whey (MRM Massive Whey and Reflex Natural Whey) which is very cost effective. I’m going to use a 2-3 servings of whey a day combined with whole food protein to slow absorbtion, poor man’s Grow!

Does this sound like the best use of my ???'s?

Thanks for all the advice



Grow all the way. The finest tasting protein powder known to modern man!