Surge Vs Grow?

The next Biotest/T-mag Seminar should be a battle royal event so fellow T-maggers can duke it out in the ring.

nate: Biotest doesn’t need those kinds of customers. Biotest and T-mag prefer intelligent humans.

DocT is DocT and Nate what do mean by Biotest doesn’t need those kinds of customer? In the end a business is a business it can’t run without customers.

This forum wouldn’t exist without all kinds of customers young, old, dumb, stupid, intellegent, well-spoken, etc…

Will someone please steal fitone’s keyboard?!

That is all I have to say, as my quote-thingy speaks volumes for this thread.

This is hilarious!

When I first saw the subject line “Surge vs. Grow” I initially ignored it. Then, juvenile curiousity got the better of me and I opened it.

Just as I suspected. The poster did ask that question. Time to move on.

However, once again curious as to why two vets like DocT and Nate would post, and post more than once, I read further.

It cracks me up how a benign post that is either boring, stupid, or both can evolve into a thing of beauty!

Thanks, guys!

(And let this be a lesson to you newbies. If a post looks too ridiculous to read, read it. In most cases you won’t be sorry!)

It’s “flame”, flamed and “flaming”, dammit!


yyyyyyyyyeah…what does “flamming” mean?

Also, I thought pussies were for sex and urethras were for pissing…I’ll try sticking it in my girlfriend’s other hole and I’ll report my results tomorrow.

What is the difference between a cream-filled tubesteak and a moose knuckle?

Damn. I was wondering how this post got so many replies. But, when the 'Dogg shows up, I guess you just never know what’s going to happen:-)

Nate and DocT, you guys really made this T-Man get his laugh on. Quality.

Z, my man, I just have to clarify something, as I might have misinterpreted it. You said [quote]If I wanna get bigger, do I need to suck more dick or eat more pussy?[/quote]

I’m thinking that may have been just a typographical error and that you just forgot to type in the word start before more dick. That could get a little hairy, no pun intended.

Actually, fitone this forum wouldn’t exist without the more intelligent, well-spoken members. If questions like this one and the “tell me exactly what I need to do to get hyoooge” were prevalent in this forum - less people would visit and take part in the discussions. Because it gets trying to have to keep seeing these questions being posted by people who obviously don’t want to spend the time to do some researching. Especially when many of us have.

C’mon: the difference between Surge and Grow? Simply perform a search for “Surge” or “Grow”. Or read the information in the Biotest store.

Simple. Common. Sense.
Go get some.

Forgive me for a minor grammatical error but natedogg and fitone are both gay.

fitone, i understand your point to an extent, but i still have to disagree. this is obviously an assinine post. where is big mental5? he posted, caused all this tension, and hasnt even come back to read the answers or respond. biotest doesnt need his type of customer. some dude that decides hes gonna work out once a year as a resolution, trains for a week and then quits. they need people like us, who are long time, reliable customers.

“DocT is DocT and Nate”

Whoah…DocT is two people? Nate Dogg is a fraud? My world is shattered.

“This forum wouldn’t exist without all kinds of customers young, old, dumb, stupid, intellegent, well-spoken, etc…”

The world wouldn’t exist without these type of people. We should also tell these people to think for themselves in order to make the world a better place. And, in my humble opinion, if all stupid people dropped off the face of the earth, I wouldn’t complain.

This has quickly become one of my favourite threads I’ve read in this forum. You guys are all too much!

This is not the end of the world, let it go.

That is a great flamming though.

Nate, I like your idea about a “duke it out battle” at the next t-seminar. Shit, you up for one against the young, little Boxer? I recall you being a short dude such as myself. Perfect match…

hopefully it’s after my next fight. So, I’ll either be very confident from a win, or fucken’ pissed as shit from a loss. Either way, it’s fucking on.

(evil laugh)Hahahahahahahahaha

Da Boxer

Holy crap…

who the hell is stupid? we for spending all this freakin space and time with this ignorant argument? or someone who perhaps is new, just joined the forum, is lazy, and has no idea what he/she is doing in all cases of our prime trade?

we all are!!!

Da Boxer

Whoever scripted this whole thread is simply sick…a mastermind. This is just too much comic relief. All of you have done an excellent job.

From time to time, we do need to take shots at each other like this. This is truly quality.

Derek, you provided the most recent comic relief.

Scrub, dare I ask what the difference is?

“Simple. Common. Sense.
Go get some.”

Seems to me that Mental could use a street address for the Simple. Common. Sense. Store, don’t think he could find it on his own…

Perhaps he could post, asking for it?

"It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense

~ Robert Green Ingersoll


I’m away from the forum for a few hours and look at all the responses! This is great! Sometimes the dumbest posts have the most hilarious responses. It’s a good thing we have such comic relief on the forum. Thanks to guys like mental and fitone, I get a good laugh each day.

mdog, what is your fascination with things being gay? First, you express your hidden homosexual tendencies in the off-topic forum, and now you are carrying it through here? You know what’s really gay? When you and your buddy get naked and take “physique” shots of each other while you slap asses and slob the knob.

boxer_al, LOL! Hell yeah! Let’s get it on in the ring! You got a couple inches and a few pounds on me, but I’ll give it my best. Just go easy on me whether you win or lose your match before!

Timbo, what can I say? I post a simple response to a simple question and before you know it, the Dogg has molested the whole thread. LMAO!

DocT, we may not always see eye-to-eye, but I think we agree on this one!

Let’s keep this thread alive! It has to be one of the best all-time dumb threads out there. I love it!

So, what is the difference between surge and grow?

Just messing around. I agree with all the other posters. If newbies would do a 2 minute search it would give them all the answers they need. I think the word we are looking for is “lazy”.