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Surge vs. Gatorade for an Athlete


Hey fellas, before you slam me for even trying to compare Gatorade to Surge please don't cause I'm not. I know Gatorade is an inferior product, and I know Surge is king of the post work out shakes.

Anyways my question is, what would be the beverage of choice for an athlete when on the sidelines? I know Gatorade gives you the need carbs and electrolytes but lack protein and many other needed ingredients. Surge on the other hand sounds like it would be ideal to drink, but after I drink it I get a chalking taste in my mouth where I find it would be easier to get dehydrated if I were in athlete on the sidelines just about ready to get back in a game.

I might be wrong, but anyways list away your recommended drink that would be easily accessible and would benefit an athlete on the sidelines getting ready to go back into the game.


I don't see why an athlete would drink Surge during a game when drinks like gatorade are specifically formulated for times like those.


Yes, but Gatorade is not a top of the line drink and does not cater to all the needs of an athlete. I'm not really arguing for Surge as a replacement, i'm just asking what would be preferable for an athlete to drink during a game.


Gatorade is pretty much a joke, and this comes from someone who graduated from the university where it was developed.

If I've read correctly, Surge Workout Fuel was designed for athletes to use during training.

I guess we'll see soon enough.


The best that gatorade can do is help rehydrate and give you some carbs... however be sure that if you do use gatorade to buy the powder.

Bottled gatorade uses high fructose corn syrup as the carb source, but the powder uses dextrose. Dextrose is a lot better for the body.


virtually anyone with half a brain could home make there own gatorade correct? i think Surge wins hands down.


From what I remember from the commercials, wasn't Gatorade "specially formulated" in like the '70s?? Certainly we've come a little further in our peri-competition nutrition in 30 years??

I'd think some watered down Surge with some added electrolytes would be perfect.


studies show that having some protein during competition (endurance events too), can help with endurance levels.


I personally do either a couple scoops of Gatorade + about 10 grams of vanilla whey, or Gatorade + some BCAAs during lifting.

I doubt if they still make Gatorade the same way they did in the 70s.


Def. Gatoraide but make sure you buy the powdered 'make it your own' form.. If camparing the bottled gatorade to the powdered form you'll see some differences. Carb sources for instance.. Dextrose (good) vs. High Fructose Corn Syrup in the bottled form(Yuck). Plus the bottled form has a few other odd ingredients in it.

I have not compared the two forms in a while but Im pretty sure the ingredients may still be the same.

adding BCAA's to your gatorade is a plus as well I believe. Used to do that a while ago.


I agree with this line of thinking.... but would add to try Surge pre game and half time and gatorade during.

Try it with practice first. You don't want to F your performance on gameday.

Let us know what works for you, Maverick.


Accelerade anyone?


i use gatorade powder and unflavored whey during my workouts....not the same as Surge; but my pocket thanks me!


Accelerade is pretty nasty and way overpriced for what it contains.

I'd much rather use my diluted Surge during training as the aminos from WPH actually have a chance of being digested while training. The same can't be said for using regular whey during exercise.


the new FINiBAR?


I used to train for Triathlons, and found the vast majority of people (at least in Tri) would PROBABLY agree with the following:

  1. Gatorade - there are much better options.
  2. For a workout lasting 90mins or less, don't bother with Protein during the workout (obviously still use it after). The biggest reason would be digestion. At that short of a duration, your intensity should be high enough, where digesting protein won't really work all that well. SOME people have stomach distress from it, if this doesn't apply to you...GREAT (or you're not training HARD enough)



I don't know why people would hate on Gatorade. It is specifically designed for maximal hydration because of its osmolarity and solute content. The nutritionist at my university praises it highly, and she is responsible for the meal planning of all our school's athletes.


I am curious as to what the school is in Oregon.

Anywho, I gave this some thought and I think Surge could be a very good option. This is soley based on the BCAA make-up of Surge. It is always a benefit if you have BCAAs in your system just prior and during maximmal exercise. Sports should definelty be maximal exercise!


Your first mistake is assuming that just because this nutritionist works with athletes that she knows what she's talking about.


Agreed with this...sounds like she read the pamphlet that came with the gatorade.