Surge Value Pack/Protocol?

I was puting together my order yesterday during bfast and broke down how much extra it costs me b/c my stomache does not sit well during training with ANACONDA. I was also thinking (I know, god forbid) how great it’d be to have a Surge value pack, something like

2 tubs Surge Workout Fuel
3 tubs Surge Recovery
3 boxes of FINiBARS
and a few bottles of Alpha-GPC

I haven’t crunched the numbers thoroughly but this would last the folks who religously use Surge products roughly 3 months. I know the products shouldn’t be mixed together like the other 2 protocols so that’s why I called it a value pack. IMO this is LONG overdue b/c the Surge products have been here the longest of the products in the protocols.

Has anyone else thought about this? I know we get good price breaks with the latest packages, but this would be Surge Heaven.