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Surge Users Please Respond!

OK I’ve been reading about how your post-workout shake should have roughly a 3-to-1 carbs/protein ratio. It looks like Biotest Surge is the way to go. My only question is how many servings do you typically get out of one tub of Surge and what results have you noticed since you started using it? Thanks in advance for your replies.

Actually, it’s 2:1. Check out the following link and click on “Supplement Facts:”


Surge is considered a staple for many of us. Faster recovery, less soreness, better workouts, etc etc. There’s no question that it works very well. Read the “Solving the post-workout puzzle” article at T-mag if you haven’t yet.

Amen. TEK closes the book on another one.

Surge is by far the best supplement biotest has to offer in terms of long term use. I am easily affected by overtraining but with the inclusion of surge pre/post workout, I have been able to keep myself from crossing the line of overtraining.

I love Surge. It’s just too expensive. Biotest has to lower the price!

Surge is a must. I’ve been using it since it came out and I haven’t stopped yet. It’ the only product that I can’t do without. I can really notice the difference in recovery. Try some, you’ll love it. It’s only 10 servings so I only use it postworkout. That’s the only time i take in carbs.

Berardi’s “Solving the post workout puzzle” will tell ya all ya need to know. I myself am addicted to surge. It probably hasn’t been out of my regimen in two years or so. The feeling of insulin rush is, to me at least, pretty fuckin cool. The recovery time is about half of what it once was, and muacle retention while dieting is respectable.

The number of servings that you get will depend on your body weight. But yes, it’s a MUST supp., expensive or not.

If you weigh less than 200 you will get 10 servings. this comes out to around 3.50$ per serving. I compare this to the price of a regular meal or fast food and it puts the price into perspective. Price is not the problem, priorites are. Surge is my goto supplement for recovery.

What about Muscle-Link’s Recover-X? I’ve been reading some things and it compares quite well with Surge, plus it gives 16 servings to 10. The reason I’m concerned with the # of servings is because I’m a college student and its hard to justify spending my money on a product that is only going to last 10 servings, which equates to roughly 2 1/2 weeks of training days. Thanks for the help though guys and I’m going to seriously consider getting one or the other.

The only other post-workout shake I recommend besides Surge is Relentless by Xtreme formulations. It is the only other company besides Biotest that I truly trust. Also, the Relentless tastes even better than Surge (it’s now in a chocolate flavor). I’ve used both Surge and Relentless and the price is going to be about the same depending on where you buy it. Based on being under 200lbs, Surge will give you 10 servings and Relentless will give you 12. I recommend using one or the other and none of the crap brands available. Surge and Relentless have done wonders for my recovery. And I look forward to them after my workout.

Carbs ratio 2:1 ~Surge is the only way to go for recovery. At 2 scoops per training session, one can will last me 2 1/2 weeks (train 4x/week). I will add 10 grams of creatine (powder form) into this as well for recovery/strength enhancement (mixed with a ton of water). Previous muscle soreness is now minimal and my training sessions have been kicking some serious ass. BTW: I split the 2 scoops: 1 during training/1 immediately after. If you haven’t read it yet, check out the “Solving the post-workout puzzle” article.

i was thinking, when u split the surge dose, your only getting 12.5 grams of protien with each drink. It this to low? At first i thought it was 25 grams of protien per scoop, that would seem like a more legitimate amount.
WOuld a good idea be to add some extra protien postworkout, because im pretty sure solving the post workout puzzle suggest .4g kglbm.

What about Glutacene? This is also another pricey supplement that seems to fall into this post-workout supplement category. I believe either advanced genetics or infinity research puts it out. Dr serrano pushes it.