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Surge Use for Fat Loss

Hi everyone, being a novice user of supplements, I just got some Surge in.
My goal is to have visible abs. training wise I am following AC’S afterburn program and have had good success.

What would you guys who have experience with this product say is the most effective use for my goals?

The tub says 3 sccops after training.

at present i’m trying sipping one scoop worth during training and two scoops straight after!!

what you reckon?

Keep doing what you are doing.

That sounds fine, I take 2-3 scoops after my workouts.

Post-workout nutrition is the time where you want to get your shit right. What you’re doing right now is fine.

As long as you keep your foods clean for the rest of the day, eating foods low on the insulin index, and keeping a good program, you’ll be fine.

Good luck.