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Surge Timing

Does Surge need to be taken directly after workouts - do i need to mix it up and take it to the gym with me? or can I wait until i get home to my blender(20 mins)?

I have heard everything from 20 mins to a 2 hr window of time that exists that you can take a “post-workout” supplement. I would say that you would be well OK to mix it 20 mins after a workout. As for it working better that sooner you take it after you r work out–i don’t Know!
I don’t know if you should mix it and take it to the gym I will qoute Tim P. “I don’t mean this to sound overly harsh, and I know I’m supposed to be nice to customers, but… Attention! All Biotest Surge users: Don’t screw around with the formula — ever!” i don’t know if that applies to you but there it is.

Taking it directly after training is better. You could bring the powder in a shaker then mix the water in right after training at the gym fountain. This makes it easy and quick.