Surge Timing...

I know you’re supposed to drink Surge right after working out, but if I drink Surge 15 minutes later, will that affect it’s power?

I figure this has already been talked about but I couldn’t find the right term to search for it so if someone could answer my question or direct me to a thread…

The “window of opportunity” for post workout replenishment is about an hour long and then you should go for another high protein hig carb solid meal about 2-3 hrs later. So to anser your ? no I don’t think 15 minutes will make a noticeable diff.

Probably won’t hurt, but the guy who formulated it said to drink it as soon as the last rep hits the floor. You can also sip half a serving thoughout the workout then chug the other half right after training.

You can always take it to the gym with you, just the powder in a cup with a lid. Fill it up on the way out at the water fountain and there you go - no wait. Depends on your situation though.

The best idea is to consume it during and immediately after training. Just sip 1/2 or 1 serving during and 1 just after (the sooner the better - but it’s not wasted if you have a delay).

The “window” does not close or open by any discrete interval. For simplicity’s sake, it’s most open immediately after training and slowly closes with each passing minute. But the window analogy isnt necessarily the best one anyway.