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Surge & T-dawg 2.0

I’m going to start the t-dawg 2.0 diet. im 5-11" and 220lbs and i have a gutt. I’m tyring to lose bodyfat. I was looking at the label on the surge and it says 200 lbs and over have 115.5 grams which equates to 437 cals, 1.88 g fat, 61.25g of carb, 31.25 g protien. Here is my question - do i still only have 100 g of carbs per training day wiht 61.25 coming from the shake, leaving me wiht 39.75 g of carbs for the rest of the day? What would the effects be of only have the 1 serving of 92.4g. My big concern is that i like to eat the same thing everyday (other than the cheat meal) and if i have to take in the larger amount of surge i will have to change meal carbs from day to day.

What should i do?


Leave the Surge out when you factor in your carbs for the day. So long as you have it during/post-workout, it won’t affect your fat loss much, if at all.

Matthew, if you’re on a carb restricted diet (T-Dawg is), go ahead and stick with 2 scoops @ 350 calories, 49g carbs and 25g of protein. I treat it as a meal, but eat another solid P+C meal one hour later. It’s not a bad idea to save/time your carbs for when you’re most insulin sensitive (post workout and upon waking; i.e., fasted state).

Your body weight indicates you need more Surge, but it’s all a balance. And, too, you’re trying to protect LBM, so you could probably get away with 2 scoops based on those numbers instead of TBW.

Good luck to you. And if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

I have lots of questions

What multi-vitamin to people use? I was looking at AST Sports Science Multi-Pro 32X or Twinlab Twinlab Daily Two Caps Without Iron.

What kind of cheese to get? Should i be getting fat free cheese.

i was to eat cottage cheese and protien powder for my last meal. The best cottage cheese that i can get is 1% low fat. It has 6.7 carbs per 1/2 cup. One of the things that i read said do not have any carbs in your last meal, but one of the example diets says have cottage cheese. What are my options.

What kind of steak are people on this diet eating?

My workout schedule is full body workout Mon, Wed, Fri and im going to do some cardio on Sunday. Comments on this?

Would it be ok to change my cheat meal to 5pm on Saturday or Sunday as the second meal.

Version 2 does not mention about the acids. Do i still take in the 400-800 mg of folic acid and the 200mg of ALA 3 times a day? Any good supplements that you can suggest for this?

here is what im thinking about eating

wake up at noon
12pm - oatmeal, 2 harboiled eggs, salsa, tuna
2pm - biotest surge (workout only days)
3pm - steak and mxd veggie
5pm - snack - nuts and cheese or egg
8pm - chicken breats and mess o green salad
11pm - canned sockeye salmon and boiled egg
2am - cottage cheese and protien powder
sleep 2:30-3am

also flax oil, essential 3-6-9 oil

is biotest still going to be coming out with a epa / dha supplement? i would be interested in getting that as well

im sure that i will have more questions. i missed some stuff when i went to the grocery store.

Well, let’s see. . .

As far as a multi goes, it doesn’t matter which one you’re taking, just that you’re taking one. Look for anything that you need to take 3 times a day. The one-a-days are worthless.

Don’t tie taking supplements into T-Dawg. They’re separate issues and deserving of some research here on T-Mag and a separate post if you don’t find the information you’re looking for.

Folic acid is great for reducing homocysteine levels. It’s great for women who want to prevent neural tube birth defects.

ALA is a great antioxidant that regenerates Vitamins C & E. It crosses the blood brain barrier, works synergistically with COQ10 and is an excellent glucose disposal agent. Why are YOU taking it?

Stay away from the dairy and chees if at all possible. Do a search here on T-Mag.

It doesn’t matter what type of steak you eat. Just make sure you’re entering the numbers into your food log and not exceeding P or F grams and calories.

Good luck to you, and read, read, read.