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Surge Substitutes


Does anyone no any good substitutes for Surge? I've recenly been reading a lot about it but I train 6 days a week and that would come out to about $65 a month, not including shipping and handling. I just ordered some maltodextrin and some glucose to mix with whey but I here this tastes horrible. I have heard things about gatorade and also chocolate milk. Are these viable alternatives?


I train 6 days a week, 3 with weights and 3 cardio. I always use Surge on the days I lift, the days I do cardio I have a big glass of chocolate milk.

Before I discovered Surge, I drank CM all the time. Since I've used Surge, I would never even think about going back to CM after weights.

Have you tried Surge yet?


Hydrolyzed whey from All The Whey. Dexrose from Kent Nutrition. Malto (forget where I got the last one). Mix to the ratios in Surge = almost EXACTLY the same profile. Pain in the ass to mix and tastes horrible. Why are you looking for a susbstitute? The issue is money?


Surge cant be shipped to my country, so instead I mix some gatorade (40-50g of sugar), hydrolyzed whey (20-30 g), 5 g creatine, 3-5 grams salt, and 100mg worth of chelated magnesium


No. I'd like to but I'm stressing about the price.


You lift 6 days a week?


I lift 3 days a week and do anaerobic cardio on the off days (and skill training for Jeet Kune Do every day).


Get it here:



3-5 grams of salt? Doesn't that taste a bit, well, salty?