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Surge Substitute

Ok, I’m really stressing out because I’m out of Surge. What is the absolute best substitute for post workout Surge until they get it back in stock?

AS far as I know, there are no real substitutes in an all and one package. You can make a very similar PWO shake with hydrolyzed whey, dextrose, and maltodextrin. But it’s a pain in the ass to mix and doesn’t taste that good. I’ve done it with very good results. But at this time, the conveninece and taste (I’m very busy right now) of Surge is well worth it to me.

I go with straight up dextrose and whey isolate b/c well…it’s cheaper than Surge. It doesn’t taste as yum yum in my tum tum though.
Berardi suggested chocolate milk in his double-tap. Also…old-school it…straight up cereal; pasta; bread; potatoes, etc. Along w/ some fast digesting whey.

Have a listen to the D-Tap with John Berardi - He talks about chocolotate milk being relatively good.

Damn - guess you got to it first proteinpowda.

Don’t try to get things perfect (buying every one of the ingredients from different websites and mixing it together). If you use simple substitutes I guarentee you it won’t turn you into a POW camp survivor. I’ve tried non-fat chocalate milk. It worked reasonably well. And I’ve used a simple whey-malto/dex combination. No, it’s not as good but it’ll hold you over until Surge is in stock.