Surge & solid food

Any information as to whether or not solid food interferes with the absorption of Surge Workout Fuel?

Surge Workout Fuel works best when used by itself. Solid food will slow down the digestion, possibly impacting your workout.

Reason I ask, I have an upcoming 24-hr. event where I plan to consume dried fruit, nuts, venison jerky, Finibars & Surge during. Just wanted to know if those foods would cancel out any of the aminos in the Surge…?

I’d say that’s a rather unique scenario, and I’d be less concerned about having Surge with or soon after solid food.

I was thinking more in terms of not having a solid meal with Surge right before a weight lifting session.

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I had remembered something about amino competition with the leucine in Surge Workout Fuel. One of the reasons that they didn’t use BCAA instead of isolating leucine.

Maybe @Chris_Shugart could give the actually concerns.

For a one-time marathon kind of event, I don’t know that things like that matter? This is more about performing in the moment (well, a lot of moments) vs training/ improving

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