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Surge Results?

Has anyone out there exhibited any major body composition changes from taking Surge? Since it is quite expensive, I wanted to confirm its efficacy before adding it to my Biotest supplement “Arsenal”

I’m rarely ever sore the next day, thanks at least in part to surge. And now that I’m ont he t-dawg diet it’s my only treat, and a GREAT incentive to work out because I know if I do, I get to come home and have some tasty SURGE!

I’m addicted to the stuff…

I’ve just started using Surge and it does seem to help recovery. I’ve also just started sipping at half a serving while working out and then having a full serving post workout. I’ve found the 1/2 serving during my workout DRAMATICALLY increases my energy/intensity levels and I get a wicked pump within 20 minutes of starting my workout, another greater motivator.

While enhanced recovery is great, have you experienced any MUSCLE GROWTH from Surge?

I have noticed that I rarely get sore anymore and when I do its not for days on end like I used to be. I can train each body part every forth or fifth day instead of every fifth or sixth. So, it does seem to help recovery. However if you are looking to gain a lot of mass or size or whatever, you have the wrong supp. Anadrol seems to work well for that. LL

Enhanced recovery leads to muscle growth! It may not be overnight, but just like good nutrition and adequate protein, it pays off with bigger and stronger muscles. If you can’t tell, Surge is my #1 supplement! If I can only afford one, that’s what I order.

yea, anadrol, just might be a slightly stronger “supplement.”

I find I get stronger more quickly on Surge than without it - which, of course, can translate into better size gains later on.