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Surge Recovery with Extra Protein?


I just ran out of my ON whey protein. I'm thinking about ordering some Surge Recovery, but I was wondering if I should take it alone as a post workout drink or keep using protein with it. Anyone have any experiences with the product?


Umm Surge Recovery has protein in it. I think it's an adequate amount for PWO. You could always double dose it, or take additional protein if you really want to, but I don't think most believe that is necessary.


wait what?


I used to take Surge + 1/2 scoops whey PWO for a while. Now, I take Surge pre-workout, and whey some time after the workout.


cool thanks for the replies guys.


I've read that you aren't supposed to mix anything with protein with the Surge. Putting some creatine is fine but they say no no on the whey!


I have been adding a scoop of chocolate Isopure to my Surge Recovery for months and months because two scoops of Surge was too many carbs for my 5'1" self. I have had great results like this.

Sylar, I would love to see any info you have on mixing the two! I never even thought it might be an issue.


As far back as page 1 of the 2004 product discussion on Surge there was discussion on this. Many of the links are dead, but from my take is that ideally you don't want to alter the Surge in any way. I, myself have never had an issue though.