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Surge Recovery with Creatine/Glutamine?


I was reading through the ingredients and details for the Surge Recovery Post Workout Shake and I didn't see any mention of Creatine or Glutamine. Is there any in the shake. I currently am taking a shake by Optimum Nutrition called After Max that has 40 protein and 40 carbs along with 5 grams of creatine and 5 grams of glutamine. Is it better to take glutamine and creatine separately? Thanks in advance for the help


There's no creatine at all, because not everyone wants or needs creatine. There's likely some trace glutamine occurring in the whey naturally, but there's none added because the general consensus is that glutamine's role in muscle recovery is either unclear or ineffective. (It's great for immune system recovery, though).

After Max also has 10-15% of it's calories from fat and the vast majority of carbs from complex carbs, neither of which are ideal in a post-workout shake. It also has a gratuitous vitamin/mineral blend with trace amounts, because, um, then they get to say "with added vitamins and minerals!!" without actually improving the efficacy of the product.

Lastly, it has a 1:1 carb:protein ratio while I'm pretty certain that closer to a 2:1 ratio (like what's in Surge) is generally more effective for recovery and growth.

Glutamine is take-it-or-leave it, depending on who you ask. I use it when fighting off a cold, but I don't find it to be helpful when it comes to training/recovery. Christian Thibaudeau has used it as part of a PWO shake for low-carbers, but that was a while ago, before his more recent peri-workout research.

As for creatine, if it suit your goals, then sure, you can take it sure. But it's not on my list of must-haves. Plenty of people love it, a few don't.


Not that glutamine is something I care about, my Surge Recovery shows 4,335 mg per serving.

I'd pay more attention the the leucine content if I were you.


Thanks a bunch man, really helpful. Definitely going to reconsider the PWO now.