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Surge Recovery While Cutting

I’ve been taking Surge Recovery as a PWO shake for a week now and I am wondering If it is alright to use this while I am cutting because it’s packed with carbohydrates and sugar. The way I understand it, the carbohydrate supplement and the sugar are supposed to induce an insulin spike and not only speed up protein synthesis but refuel your glycogen stores.

I am still skeptical about dumping tons of sugar and carbs into my body on a cutting routine especially because I usually work out late, drink Surge Recovery and go to sleep no more than 2 hours later. My diet and macro ratios are pretty on spot so I was just wondering If someone could clear this up for me

There is a thread with this EXACT title on the first page. It has EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SURGE in it. Definitely the answer to THIS question.

Yes, it is o.k. to use Surge recovery PWO even while cutting, but only after weight training sessions. Look at the Velocity 3.0 as an example.

Remember, the <a href="http://www.t-nation.com/programs/vdiet30/vDietProgram000.jsp"target=“new”>Velocity Diet helps most people to lose anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds of fat in 4 weeks with no muscle loss. And Surge Recovery is mandatory after every weight training session.

So, no worries. Just remember: 1) the rest of your plan has to be spot on, and 2) you have to earn your Surge Recovery by training hard.

I’ll even double dose it when cutting, one serving during and one serving post. As long as you bust your ass the calories will be put to good use.

I just want to stress that carbs DO NOT actually equal fat… their calories might, but if you are weightlifting you shouldn’t worry about it.

Only time I wouldn’t have carbs PWO is if I am purposely doing a keto diet or a lower carb diet where I only have a few carbs daily (I’d rather eat my breakfast oatmeal).

If they/Surge (carbs) fits into your daily macro break down, go ahead.

Awesome. Thanks for everything.