Surge Recovery vs Surge Workout Fuel

Hey guys,

since I just found out that Biotest has a British website, I am pretty excited to buy some Biotest stuff.
So I was wondering which one of the Surges is better? Have you tried both? which one can you recommend, which one produced better results for you.
I used the search function but couldn’t find an answer to my question.
From what I’v read so far the results of the Surge Workout Fuel are pretty intense. Is this the same for Surge Recovery?

And since I’m a student I can’t afford to buy both.
Thanks in advance

They do not serve the same purposes

If you’re looking for a post workout drink, go with Surge Recovery. If you’re looking for a drink for before/during your training session, the go with the Surge Workout Fuel.

I’ve tried both and I was happy with both. As you should expect neither is a miracle drink, but both will help if you’re training hard enough.

[quote]zraw wrote:
They do not serve the same purposes[/quote]

yah, I wanted to write that I’m aware of that. I didn’t phrase my question that great, I guess.
My question is more, which one does the better job? did your workouts really feel THAT easy with Surge Workout Fuel, or did you recovery time shrink enormously due to Surge Recovery?

Surge Workout Fuel helps tear your muscles down and Surge Recovery helps build them back up. They’re both equally as important however Surge Recovery is the one I’d flip out over being without.

[quote]kain wrote:
did your workouts really feel THAT easy with Surge Workout Fuel,[/quote]

You may be looking at this the wrong way man.

I like SWF because it gives me more energy, and I can push for a marginally longer time than without it. It doesn’t make your workout easier nor is it “really intense” unless you are super sensitive to sugar and start bouncing off the walls like a little kid.

[quote]kain wrote:
since I just found out that Biotest has a British website[/quote]

Biotest does not have a “British website.”

Not that it makes a difference in this case, but the site you’ve found belongs to an independent distributor.

[quote]Ocelot82 wrote:
Surge Workout Fuel helps tear your muscles down[/quote]
I think I get where you were going with this comment, but it sounds kinda… off. Just to clarify for the OP, Surge Workout Fuel doesn’t tear your muscles down automatically by itself. Like others have commented, it can help you keep the intensity high later into your training session by delaying some symptoms of general fatigue.

If you have to choose only one of the two, and lifting is your primary method of training, I’d say start with the Surge Recovery. Experiment with the “classic” plan of having a serving right after training, but in some sessions, try having a serving a little while before (or during) your training to see if you notice a difference.