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Surge Recovery vs Other Protein Powder


I am curious if Surge Recovery is really worth the money and all the hype. for 40 dollars and only 16 servings a college student might go for just a cheap protein powder. I have usually just bought ultimate nutrition whey the cheap stuff in the big jug for 30-35 bucks. But I am willing to spend the extra money if the quality is better.



Hi buddy. Surge Recovery isn't a protein powder in the same vein as Ultimates whey. Surge is hydrolysate and aminos with glucose and other fast-acting carbs to ingest immediately post workout. Other whey powders are either a concentrate or an isolate and meant to be used during the course of a day in order to meet your protein needs for the day. Kinda like Grow!.

For optimal muscular development and recovery, both a quick acting, carb-based protein drink and a slower acting, low to no carb drink are needed. If you're on a tight budget, go for a quality whey and call it done. When you can afford it, throw in the Surge and see how you respond. Good luck.