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Surge Recovery Question


I'd like to get some opinions on Surge Recovery. I was thinking of incorporating it fairly soon, and wanted to get some thoughts. If you've tried it, please chime in. I'd like to hear both positives and negatives from people. Those who say it's worked for them, how do you quantify that; what tangible things makes you say 'it worked'. For those that didn't have much success, what makes you say it didn't work out?



I've used it consistently for some four or five years now post workout and consider it a 'can't do without' supplement. The next time you do a truly ass kicking squat workout, you know the kind that gives you that 'my legs are broke' second day soreness remember the pain. Then the next time you do squats on that level use Surge post workout and see if you don't see a substantial decrease in soreness. What it does for recovery and growth is unreal.



Considering the research put into all of these supplements, the only reason I could see for it "not working" would be due to a problem in the gym or kitchen.

I'm getting some soon and I can't wait to get my first lot of supps from Biotest.

I would advise you to get it.


This could work as long as the leg workouts in question is separated by MORE than 1 week. Every time I do leg workout that caused DOMS, the next leg workout if done within a week or so, I do not get DOMS at all - even using heavier weights and the same amount of sets and reps.


I think its good, but way overhyped.


Negatives? It's not free. Positives... it's delicious (at least chocolate and original flavor). It's hard to 'feel it' or anything, but I know after I finish up I always look forward to drinking it.


Negatives: Expensive in UK, shipping is a bitch.


i absolutely love it. ive tested a week of lifting without it and was miserably sore and tired that week. i definitely consider it one of my staples.


Its a solid PWO shake. Not sure what you mean by "works". Its a small part of a person's overall nutrition.


awesome taste(natural flavor), expensive, but works for recovery. Nothing magical....


Definitely does decrease soreness and help you recover quickly.
Original Flavor tastes "interesting" and I've grown very very fond of it.
Mixes easily.

Bottle is shaped far to shinny. This means I always get it on my hands after its 1/4 used. Big annoyance because I just wasted my yummy Surge.
It has more calories than most shakes, so if you're cutting it's harder to incorporate (bulking its no problem at all).
Chocolate tastes way to sweet for me. Then again so does their other chocolate proteins so it's up to the individual.

Would I advise it? Yes.
It's probably the third top supplement from Biotest. Surge Workout Fuel=tops, then Creatine, then this. The reason the other two are higher is because you could in theory sub it out for good old fashioned fat free chocolate milk (it has the sugar and about 24g of protein... it's lacking the aminos and such, but it's a little yummier and I noticed a similar effect due to the insulin spike).