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Surge Recovery Pre/Peri-WO

I can’t do that either, or rather, certainly couldn’t train nearly as hard.

The Ori fellow was okay with the idea of 30 minutes post workout. There’s certainly no problem with waiting 30 minutes post-workout when following the pre- and during-workout nutrition such as CT recommends and as discussed above, but personally I wouldn’t do well with it if having skipped pre and during nutrition.

To me the advice is something like 20 years or more out of date if applied to serious weight training, and seems based on extrapolating from theory combined with comparison with also-not-so-good protocols, rather than being based on best results in the situation of intensive weight training.

However, that said, for moderately muscled individuals not doing really intensive weight training, not aiming to gain muscle mass and wanting to save their day’s calories for real food at other times of the day, I’m sure it’s a valid approach.

It also appears to be more marketed towards MMA type training and not so much weight lifters. I think ultimately you find what works for you and what works for your goals. Versus so much the “norm”.

Also the cyclic dextrin that’s in the new Anaconda and MAG-10 doesn’t appear to spike insulin as high and may better be suited for helping shuttling nutrients than say pure dextrose. Not that Dextrose doesn’t work, because clearly it’s worked for some very large guys.

I’m usually starving 30 minutes post workout and if it wasn’t for a liter of MAG-10 I’d die!! ( slight exaggeration on the death )