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Surge Recovery Original?


What does Surge Recovery Original flavor taste like?


It tastes exactly like the search function.


Harsh lol. It is sort of vanilla, but more sugary. It just tastes very sugary IMO. I like chocolate much more.


I looked! I couldn't find anything =(


To me it tastes like that caramel topping you by from the supermarket.


Unlike any shake I've ever tasted. Try it, for me it's become a reward for busting my ass in the gym. I really look foward to the days I lift so I can finish with Surge. I mean it's not exactly tasty, but it's very satisfying.


You must really like Surge Workout Fuel dog. Is that 4 tubs I count in your av? I've got some but I've yet to try it. I've kind of been saving it till my conditioning improves a little more and I really need it.

Is it that good?


Well, this has been done before. At any rate, no amount of threads could describe the mouth-gasm that is the taste of Surge Original. Even though it looks like you're drinking dirty toilet water.


Tastes like liquid angel food cake. I usually rotate the original and chocolate. For some reason, I feel so much fuller and bloated after the chocolate. But like others have said, the original is very sweet. I love both.


Angel Food Cake


yeh 4, pitty i couldnt afford more, currently im trying out thibs peri workout protocol which involves SWF, but even by its self its still top stuff, throw it in, your performance in the gym will improve, the amount of punishment your body can take goes up lol......


Damn dog, now you're gettin me excited. I think I'm going to start Wed or Thurs. I've been liftin tough the last 6 weeks but I start going all out in 2 weeks. I guess it's time. I need to reread the SWF thread to get the exact dosing recomendations for my weight. How many servings works best for you?


2-3 scoops 30 mins pre training and 1 during if you have nothing else to use.


The flavor grows on you. Since I work out early in the morning I mix mine with sugar free Red Bull. Its a great jolt and kicks your workout into high gear.