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Surge Recovery Original Flavor


OK, I have to ask. WTF happened to Surge Recovery Original Flavor (aka, Angel Food Cake)? Man, most everyone raved about the unique flavor of this stuff, and I have to admit, it was so good it felt like a guilty reward for working my ass off in the gym.

I bought the chocolate on my last order, and let me sum it up in one word - Disappointed. I mean, we’re bodybuilders, weight-trainers, athletes, whatever. We’ve been consuming chocolate flavored protein drinks since music wasn’t auto-tuned. Frankly, the last thing I need is another chocolate flavored supplement.

And before anyone suggests that I try Mag-10, I’d love to, but I already spend a healthy chunk on staple supplements each month including Metabolic Drive, Flameout, Superfood, ZMA, etc. Oh, and I also have a mortgage, three kids to feed, and the apparently the, “WANTED: Lonely Housewives,” fliers I’ve been posting around the neighborhood aren’t quite drawing the clientele I anticipated.

So please, spare me from choking down another Chocolate supplement, and bring back the Surge Recovery Original Flavor!


You might want to restart this thread in the Biotest Supplement Advice forum.

Actually, your best bet is Surge Workout Fuel instead of Surge Recovery. A few bucks more, but more servings per bag and a huge step up in overall effectiveness.

That’s about the last time Surge Recovery was cutting edge workout nutrition, too. I still use it myself sometimes (reinforced with creatine and a scoop of leucine), but it’s old school. Good and reliable, like the rusty barbell in your basement, but better options have come along, like a sweet Eleiko barbell at the powerlifting gym in the next town over.