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Surge Recovery Mixed 8+ Hours Earlier?


Are there any stability concerns with Surge Recovery being mixed for a long time (8+ hours) before consuming? I remember reading something about this somewhere on this site (how's that for vauge) but can't seem to find it now using the search function. Nothing in the ingredients suggests to me that it wouldn't be stable for long time periods in water. Any thoughts?


I personally wouldn't pre-mix my Surge Recovery this long before using it, but it should be find as long as you haven't allowed it to get too warm.

Refrigeration would be best in this case.


Just put your scoops of Surge in a shaker bottle, and then carry a bottle of water with it and you're set. Shit, you'll be at the gym while you drink it, just go fill up the shaker from the water fountain.


Yeah, I did it this morning before I left for work before I thought about it fully. It's in the fridge at work now, so it is staying cool. In the future, I'll just put the powder in the bottle and mix it up at work right before I'm ready to leave for the gym.

For my own curiosity, what is it about leaving it mixed for too long that is bad?


IME, the protein in it goes bad, and starts to smell and taste funky. And by funky I mean bad.