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Surge Recovery Mix Questions


I just recently bought Superfood, Metabolic Drive and Surge Recovery after reading the site for the past 5-6 months. While the Superfood mixes fine with water, and the Metabolic Drive is one of the most delicious things I've ever had, Surge mixed in water is so sweet I want to gag.

I have 20 oz of water and 3 level scoops of Surge, shaken hard for 20 seconds. No problems mixing, its just too much sugar. Anything else I can mix it with for pre or Peri-workout nutrition? Thanks in advance,



try 2 scoops. Less sugar.

What's your BW?

Also, if you want to do 3 scoops, split it up (1.5 during workout, 1.5 after) or any other way


you can dilute it in more water.


I agree it is very sweet, but still are you really complaining? Just chugg it down. Its not as if its unflavoured BCAA + CEE


According to your profile and body weight, you only need to use 2 scoops. I feel if you use 3, you are making it too sweet for your taste and wasting it as well. Use 2 and you will get more out of the bottle.


Who really follows the directions on the label anyway. I weigh less than him and I use 3 scoops pre-workout and 1 scoop with whey isolate 60 min post workout. It all depends on your goals and how bad you want to achieve them. 2 scoops, 44 grams of carbs for chocolate, thats not a lot for someone who wants to pack as much quality EAA, whey hydrosylate and glucose para workout.