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Surge Recovery Flavors


I noticed there are some small but not insignificant differences nutritionally between the different flavors of Surge Recovery.

Chocolate is the only one that contains fat
Original has the least protein
Raspberry has the most carbs and calories
Root Beer is the only one that contains fructose
Vanilla and Root Beer have 5-6 times less sodium than the others

Has anyone broken this down before? Assuming taste isn't a concern which one is the best choice?


I'm pretty sure it's been discussed before, and I believe the idea was that the differences were to account for the particular flavorings/sweeteners and maintain texture/consistency.

I'd recommend going for original, chocolate, or raspberry, since Surge Recovery hasn't been made in vanilla or root beer for a few years. :wink:

But really, raspberry is pretty sweet (kills my sweet tooth for the day) and chocolate is something like Yoo-Hoo, so you can't go wrong with either of those. The macros are similar enough that it's not worth stressing over.


Ever since starting the ANACONDA Protocol, I miss chocolate.

And original.

But chocolate more.


Root beer was awesome. that is all.