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Surge Recovery Flavors


The Raspberry flavor tastes so good, I don't want to buy the other flavors that I'm curious about.

The only other one I've had is the original flavor, which is also good - tastes just like angel food cake.


Raspberry is the best one


I prefer chocolate to other Surge Recovery flavors.

Raspberry is my least favorite.


How does the original flavor compare to the original flavor Surge produced a few years back?


My license plate says Chocolatelover4life.

Okay, it doesn't. But chocolate is that good.


I loved root beer float. when it went on clearance, i bought six, so i got 6 free lol. bring it back, you bastards! raspberry is gross in my opinion, but maybe i just don't like raspberries because i just bought some fresh raspberries and don't like them either. i'm not really a huge chocolate protein shake fan, but i don't think i've ever had a sugar-loaded chocolate protein shake before. they said they discontinued root beer float because it didn't sell very well. well the original has been around a long time, so i guess people like it, and maybe i will try that one next.


Original is by far my favorite. I like raspberry and chocolate, but most of the other proteins I use are chocolate so I usually want something else when I use recovery.


The current original flavor tastes just like the original original flavor.

I think they should try orange flavored Surge, The orange flavored Metabolic Drive (before it was discontinued) was odd but good; tasted like a creamsicle. I think the orange would go over great with something like Surge, which tends to have a much thinner consistency.