Surge Recovery and 42g of Sugar?

is there any mention as to why it has such a high amount of sugar per serving?

it seems we are always being told to ignore the high sugar powders, yet Surge Recovery seems to be rather high in sugar.

Read John Berardi’s Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle Part I & II and you’ll undertand why such a drink is desirable for workouts.

Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle I

Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle II

thanks dude. much appreciated.

42g of sugar is nothing around workout time. The reason why you hear so many sources saying to avoid sugar is because most people are very sedentary and the sugar will not be used, not will the benefits of the spiked insulin be used.

75g Maltodextrin, 75g Dextrose and a plethora of fruits along with my million other supplements are thrown and blended into a half-gallon smoothie that consists of about 228 grams of sugar for peri-workout for me, and I know a lot of protocols that call for more. If your body doesn’t utilize 42g of sugar in a workout, then you aren’t working out right.