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Surge Questions

So, as we all know, Surge seems to be out of stock for a while. What is everyone doing to supplement themselves? Different products to reccommend? Home-made mixes?

Also, when doing post-lifting light cardio, do you drink the Surge when you’re done with everything, or drink it after the lift, and then do the cardio?

As far as your cardio question, I take one scoop in a liter of water during my lift, and while I don’t any cardio on my three lifting days, when I did, I would pound 2 scoops (again in 1L of water) after the cardio. Not saying that’s right, just telling you what worked for me.

As far as homemade recipes…I wasnt getting proper workout nutrition until I started using it, so I’m at a loss one that one, too…

Now that Berardi’s got his PhD, maybe he can figure this one out for us.

I do 15mins of cardio after lifting, then have a serving (2 scoops) of Surge. I had to order it elsewhere(and pay about $5 more) but what are you gonna do? I was thinking about maybe trying ON After Max if I run out again before it’s back in stock.

I only had two days in between my supplies (got that order in on the last day…sorry guys!) but for those I used some gatorade (about 200 kcal worth) and a cheap protein supplement to mimic the P/C ratio of surge. I obviously didn’t mix the gatorade to it’s normal concentration, so it was a bit…strong. : )

Whey Protein w/ powerade powder/gatorade or somin’ similar. Although not ideal, will do the trick 'til Surge is back in stock. If nothing else, just make sure you get in some protein and carbs (even if it’s a whole food) asap.


This keeps getting asked, and not everyone has seen the article, but not too long ago, it was mentioned that if Surge is out of your fingertips, reach for…

wait for it…


Just do a search, skim milk was shown to do the trick though.

Although, uh, I don’t think I’d be sipping half my serving of skim milk during a workout though, unless I wanted to projectile vomit all over some curling idiot in the squat rack.

On second thought…

How about whey protein and sugar? I use dextrose if I have it, if I don’t just drink a pop (sprit, 7-up, orange crush)

From everything I have read on post-workout feeding you should aim for simple carbs (i.e. sugar) and a quickly absorbed protein (i.e. whey)

I wouldn’t worry about electrolytes or anything if I were you. There is more than enough salt in the modern diet to meet these needs.

Here’s my latest Surge-In-A-Pinch recipe:

Glucose tablets + Whey protein

I picked up some glucose tablets from the diabetic isle at Wal-Mart. 4 grams of either d-glucose or dextrose, depending on the brand, per tablet.

There are 50 tablets per bottle, at a price of 5 bucks a bottle.

I got myself Orange and Fruit Punch. :smiley:

If you want to take some sugary creatine with a whey shake.
How bout trying to mix your protein shake with some fruit ie; bananas, berries, etc.
good luck!