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Surge Questions

I just ordered my first tub of Surge. I have been doing some searches on this site regarding Surge and got some conflicting information(mainly from the forums) so I would like some advice from people who use it or have used it.
*Creatine - When to take it?
*Protein Shake - No need to take one after a workout because of the protein in Surge?
*Insulin Rush(if that’s what you call it) - After you eat how long until you workout to avoid this?

You can take your creatine with your Surge. You don’t need a protein shake after you work out unless you aren’t getting any real food for your 2nd PWO meal. As far as the “insulin rush” you want to eat your 2nd PWO meal within about 45-90 minutes so you don’t crash.

I have never used Surge but I use something very similar.

Creatine: Best to take it post-workout with carbs.

Protein: Surge contains enough protein (and right protein). Just make sure you are getting enough carbs and protein post-workout

I have a Surge question too.

If I’m cutting (ie T-Dawg 2.0) and alternating low-volume, high-intensity strength training with HIT interval training I use Surge for (P+) carbs after the strength sessions - should I also be using it after the interval training?