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Surge Question


For those of you that take Surge, how much, and how often, do you take it?

Do you take it pre-workout or post-workout? Or both? And how many scoops?


I just take a serving of it after a workout... though I may mix it a bit stronger than suggested since my container won't hold enough liquid.

There are some good threads and articles discussing this whole subject if you can search them out.


Two scoops immediately post-workout, just like the label says..


Usually I take the recommended serving size, for anything.

I mix two scoops in a shaker bottle and sip it during my workout then chug whatevers left afterwards.


Thanks for the replies, guys.

The reason I asked is that I've read a number of different articles that recommend taking some sort of protein/maltodextrin/dextrose combo BEFORE the workout, as well as after.

Some people who I've talked to will chug some sort of pre-workout Surge shake and drink one after, as well.


Any other ideas?


mmmmm Surge, not as good as mountain dew. :0


I consume 1 serving (2 scoops) during my workout, and 1 serving afterwards.

I used to munch on a couple of bananas during my workout, but substituted Surge for that.

I hated the taste to start with, but I guess I'm becoming immunised to that, over time. However, I really do notice a much reduced DOMS effect since I started using Surge.


I train in Karate and incorporate athletic training programmes (e.g. WSSB, designer athletes etc.) with it.

In 2005, I only consume 2 scoops of Surge with 500ml water Post-WO. Recently I start to take 2 scoops with 1 teaspoon of instant coffee pre-WO and 2 scoops Post-WO as well.


1) Has more energy during and after workout.

2) CNS fatigue has largely reduced.

I recommend it both pre-WO and post-WO as long as the money allows and the overal training intensity is high.

Hope it helps,

Geek boy