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Surge Question


Hey guys, I just received my first shipment of Surge. Yes, I agree, the stuff is great!! But I have a question. I lift 3 days a week and do sprints or hiit 2 days a week. Of course I drink Surge after the lifting days, but should I also do it after the cardio days?
Maybe it would be optimal, but is it really important? I'm working from a budget here, and 5 servings a week could get expensive. But, of course, I'll sacrifice if the benefits are good enough.


If you want to speed recovery, use it.

If recovery from the sessions in question isn't a big deal, save Surge for your weight-training workouts.

By the way, I wouldn't decribe sprint sessions or HIIT as "aerobic" work.


Ok, thanks man. I guess I'll skip the Surge on my "energy systems work," then. =)
I love T-Nation.



after my weekly sprints session, i need my Surge serving and a whole lot of food; no different than any other training day.