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Surge Question


What do you guys do to improve the taste?



Mix with water!

Nothing else is required 'cause Surge tastes awesome to most people.

I feel sorry for those of you who don't look forward to it as much as me. Some days I want to train just so I can justify having another serving of Surge.


Dunno if I got a bad batch or something, but this stuff taste horrible.


Some people are able to taste a bitter taste that others cant. The foam will have a very bitter taste and be gritty.

What I do is I mix my Surge ahead of time, let it sit on the drive to the gym (approx 15 min), and then shake it really well before I drink it there. By then, whatever is bitter has disolved and all I get is the angel food cake flavore. I drink 1/2 during my workout and finish the other on the drive home.


I am a bit taste sensitive when it comes to bitter flavors, so I can detect the whey hydosylate more than others and you might fall into the same boat. For the most part, it's the foam that can have a little more of the bitter taste, so if you stir Surge or let it settle for a bit after shaking, it's much better that way. I think the thing everyone agrees on is that the results with it are excellent.



Just to give my 2 cents, I actually have the exact opposite experience. If I don't drink the Surge immediately, it tastes awful to me and I gag. A T-Nation contributor (maybe JB or TC) posted once that there are flavor maskers in the formula whose purpose is to mask the gag-inducing flavor of the whey hydrosylate, but they "wear off" after a few minutes, so mixing ahead of time was not recommended. Although you actually prefer it that way, so that's definitely interesting.

Anyway, I guess if one way makes you sick, then try the other. Now that I drink it immediately, I love the Surge.


Interesting, Thanks for the info.

I just always hated the foam so let it sit. I never tried stirring Surge, always shook it up. I might have to try stirring and then with less foam give it a taste.


Am I the only one who likes the foam?

It's like a Guiness... not the same without the head.


I dont see the problem ppl have either, with the foam or actually creating it in the first place.

I simply use a shaker, but instead of shking it just turn it slowly back and forth inverting and reverting it.

It mixes just fine this way, little to no head

Give it a try,


That be awesome if you coulod pour the clover into the foam as well. LOL


To me Surge was an acquired taste. THe first few weeks I had to just get it down. But now I like it alot. Reidhoch, maybe you just have to get used to it. Kuz, do you find that lettin it sit makes it settle to the bottom, or does it stay dissolved?


I agree with the underdog. I didn't like Surge the first few times I tried it. It wasn't horrible, but wasn't pleasant either. Now I love it!



I'm with the two previous posters. At first it wasn't very good to me but the more I drink it the better I like it. I put it in a shaker and stire it with a spoon. When I'm done I, "but instead of shking it, just turn it slowly back and forth inverting and reverting it."



Thanks for the input.



I've never understood the problem with taste either. Its like a well deserved dessert after a hard workout.


I tried Surge for the first time yesterday, it doesn't taste that great because of the hydrolyzed whey, but I think Biotest did a good job of masking the taste as much as possible.

I have tasted drinks that were impossible to get down, at least Surge is drinkable.


I love the taste of Surge too and I find that the colder it is the less after taste you get. Try crushing up ice cubes w/ ice it. It get into your system faster that way anyway.


I tried just mixing it with a spoon and chugging it, that helped.