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Surge question...possibly redundant

Hey all, quick question that I could find in the search engine.

If I have to choose between taking a full serving of surge after my weight workouts and no surge after my energy system work (thanks to christian for the word of the day) or a half serving of surge after all workouts, which would be more effective?


That should read COULDN’T find in the search engine.

Take a full serving of Surge after the workout & use a regular old MRP for post energy system work…

I say drink half a serving of “Surge” before your weight training and half a serving after your energy system training. Just my 2c worth.

Are your weight training and energy system workouts on seperate days?

If so, what type of weight training do you follow and what type of energy system work do you do?

That could determine how to use Surge for the best results.

I’m currently using a 5x5 based program three times a week and some type of HIIT 2-3 times a week.

I should also mention that I’m dieting, and I currently have a small supply (about six weeks) of Hot-Rox and 4-AD-EC.

The problem is that I didn’t think far enough ahead and only have a limited amount of surge to use during this time, and was wondering how best to use it.


If you can, I’d suggest doing your HIIT after your 5x5 sessions, then take your Surge (full serving).

Otherwise, if using 5x5 and trying to diet down, I would cut back to half a serving of Surge on weight training days (one scoop if you are under 200lbs) and also use one scoop after your HIIT sessions if they are on separate days as well.

John Berardi talked about using less Surge when dieting in his Appetite for Construction in a recent paper issue of T-mag.