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Surge question and workout frequency?

I know a big benefit of Surge is that it stops catabolism after a workout, correct?

The other thing that I am reading from the articles is the recovery time issue.

Question to Tmag lifters: How has this affected your recovery time and typically how many days a week do you lift?

I am asking this question because I am getting ready to order some Surge and want to know results from everyone with regards to recovery in their workout program.


If there is a good thread on this specific question to Tmag audience then please point me to it and sorry for repeat.

In a word the stuff is magic. I’m only training Ian King style low frquency at the mo but i’ve noticed massive improvement in recovery times. For me personley It’s halved recovery time, maybe even more so, which is not only great for training but good for work and life outside when everyday tasks can become difficult. Bottom line is this stuff should be in fucking everyones gym bag.

surge!!! honestly i took the “test and see” attitude with surge. i have been using endurox r4 post workout for a couple years and i wasnt sure that surge was worth the extra $$$. (insert game show buzzer here) i was wrong. dude, i am not employed by bio-test/t-mag so consider this a third party recomendation. what i notice the most is after a killer back or leg workout, i normally want to just crawl into a ball on the couch and die. problem is i train in the morning and then have to goto work. ill pound 2 scoops of surge (i drop in 5gms of creatine) RIGHT after im done training, shower and by the time im dressed i feel like i can get on with my day. im not going to tell you i feel like training again, but at least i can carry on in a normal fashion. my muscle soreness isnt as intense and i do feel like a i come back stronger and fresher workout to workout. blahblahblah

I just ordered my first thing of Surge. I still would like to hear others comments on their results with recovery and workout frequency.

Soreness tends to go away about 24 hours faster. Overall improvements in workouts. No dropping off at the end. Can generally hit it harder without getting into overtraining territory. Love this shit!

Well, honestly I don’t have a good answer on the recovery time issue, but it has increased my training frequency. But not in a typical way. Let me explain.

I love the taste of Surge. Absolutely love it. Sometimes when I'm not motivated or I'm pretty tired, I remember that I get to have Surge after the workout and that is enough to get me to the gym and through my workout. I'm not kidding. I just came to this realization last night. Surge is wonderful and works wonders in many different ways.

I’ve used Surge and am currently using Relentless. Both are high-quality and great tasting. As for recovery, I’ve noticed much less soreness after my workouts. And I’ve been training Renegade style for the past four weeks, which is quite high in volume compared to many other programs. But I’ve had no problem hitting it hard and coming back refreshed for each workout. I’m in the gym on Mon, Wed and Fri and have shorter, “active-rest” workouts on Tues and Thurs. I try to stay active with other activities on the weekends (biking, in-line skating, tennis, etc).

If I had to pick only one supp, it would be Surge. Yep, that’s how I feel about it.

My frequency of working out doesn’t change whether I’m on or off (not that I ever plan on going off again), but I notice definite strength increases in Workout B when I’ve taken Surge after Workout A. And that’s good enough for me.

Can you give some more info about Relentless? I’ve never heard of it… How does it compare to Surge, price-wise and effect-wise? And what company makes it? Thanks.

Yes Char-dawg, I’m sure T-mag will apreciate Nate explaining the wonder of knock-off copycat products that take money away from this site - which is kept free because of Biotest sales. :0)