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Surge / PWO Meals

What kind of results have you had since you’ve started taking Surge and then a good PWO meal? Have you really noticed a difference?

I’ve just started using Surge. I drink one full serving during my workout. My workout is about 45min-1hr then 30min of cardio. After I’m done with my workout and cardio, I drink another full serving of Surge with 5mg of creatine added. About an hour later I try to get in a big P+C meal.

Also, if you keep track of how many calories you eat each day…do you worry about the extra Surge calories? I try to get in 2400-2600 calories a day. Surge adds 700 calories to my workouts days intake. I haven’t been cutting back on the food, I’m just keeping a close eye on what it does to me. Have you had to adjust your food intake because of the addition of Surge?

Ever since picking up some Surge (which has been a long time!), I’ve noticed an increased ability to recover. It takes a whole lot more to make me sore the next day.

Now, this isn’t meant to say “hey, I can do more, so let’s go.” Rather, enjoy the enhanced recovery - which will help you pack on more mass.

I can’t say how much muscle I’ve put on from having Surge for my workouts, as I began using it pretty early in my training. But, due to my progression, I’d have to say I’d be further behind without it.

As far as counting the Surge calories, I do. I mean they are carlories, are they not? :wink:

But, if you want to continue without counting, then you’re doing the right thing and watching what’s going on.

Hope this helps!

Larry , 700 calories from Surge?? How much LBM do you carry? If you’re going to use surge, you’re fine only using 1 serving. No need to waste your money. If you eat 1.5-2 hrs. before your workout with some carbs and protein, you’ll be fueled up for the WO. Then drink your Surge during the workout, come home and eat lots of food. Just eat a ton of carbs&lean protein. Make it your biggest meal of the day.

I’m currently 215 and 10.5% BF. You think a 1/2 serving during workout and a 1/2 after is enough? I was doing a full during and a full after because this is what JB has on his DVD plan. I do eat a P+C meal an hour or so before a big P+C meal about an hour after I finish my surge. If I don’t need two full servings that would be good.

You will benefit no more from consuming 2 servings. It’d be wise to drink 1 serving during your workout. Just dillute it and drink throughout. After your workout, eat whole food. Eat a lot of food, especially if trying to gain muscle. This should be more satisfying, economical, and fun than drinking another serving of Surge. There just isn’t any need to have another Surge after the workout if you drink one during.