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SURGE/PW Data is in!

Hey All,

The long awaited Surge/PW study data is almost all in. Although I cant share the exact numbers just yet (due to the fact that Im presenting them at the SWIS conference in Toronto in Nov), I can briefly discuss.

All subjects came in 4 times to the lab and although very well trained, the program was very tough and novel! On each occasion they recieved either water, surge, carbs, mrp after exercise.

Here’s what we found:

1) Weight Training leads to big increases GH from pre to post exercise. These increases seem to be directly related to lactic acid accumulation because as the study sessions progressed thru the weeks, lactic acid was less and less as was GH % increase. So it appears novel exercise gives a bigger lactate and GH response.

2) The GH response was back to baseline by 90 minutes regardless of the drink ingested (water or carbs or surge, etc). SO ALL THIS NONSENSE ABOUT GH BEING DECREASED IF YOU EAT AFTER TRAINING IS JUST THAT!

3) Insulin release increased most and glucose disposal was most rapid with Surge vs the other conditions.

4) Testosterone levels are actually LOWER after exercise (many current studies are showing this now despite the older data saying the opposite). They plummet to about 20-30% of baseline regardless of the drink ingested.

5) Profile of mood and soreness scales (collected immediately after and the next day) show that all nutrition drinks are better than nothing and Surge appears to lead to better recovery (less soreness and better mood the next day).

In the next step (study 2), Im studying the effects of Surge and other drinks on measures of muscle damage and force recovery 6hr and the next day after training. These data will be presesnted with the others at the SWIS in November.

John, you are a good man. It takes courage to go with the science when it somewhat opposes what you previously said. The facts are what guide post-workout recovery. They don’t have to be presented all at once, especially when they are cutting edge and being developed in real time. The back of my hand to your petty critics.

John, sounds like some stellar results. Looking forward to seeing you at the SWIS symposium. I’ve been a longtime patient of Dr. Kinakin